Car Features:
3D Engine
HQ Exter & Interior
Slight reflection without ENB
Adapht Imevehft 2.0.2 (all lights are working)
Active Dash 3.2 (Steering Wheel)
Working Speedo (Tahook.Speedook,Petrolok)
Working Windshield
Working Calipers
SA Plate
1 Extra
Own Chassis_Vlo
Custom Collisions
Flat Shadow
Secondary Color For Calipers
Other parts are made from scratch
UHD4K Itasha/Paintjob

Preview :

Source : Forza MotorSport 3
Converted By : Matheus 340
HQ Exterior & HQ Interior [LOD0]
Adapth IVF 2.0.2 & 2.1.1
Own Chassis_Vlo
Custom Collisions
Flat Shadow
4K Itasha Texture

Preview :


In Game ScreenShot

Source : FM4,Shift2
Converted By : MDL
Features :
MQ Exterior & HQ Interior [LOD1 & LOD0]
Adapth IVF 2.0.2 & 2.1.1
MipMapping For All Textures
AdaptH ELM
Active Dashboard v3.2 [Steering,Speedo]
work Windshield
Damage Parts
Slight Reflection Without ENB
Working Calipers
Better Interior Texture & Lights At Night
Own Chassis_Vlo
Custom Collisions
Flat Shadow
Work For Tweak PC Dff Size 4,6 MB TXD 5,7 MB

Preview :

*Lod1 MQ model from Real Racing 3 (more pleasant for low end pc)
*Adapted with Active Dashboard 3.2 [ functional steering, speedometer ]
*Adapted with Improved Vehicle Features 2.0.2 [ breakpad, turn signals, brake lights, reverse light, driving lights, fog light ]
*SA Plate
*3D engine
*Own shadow
*1024px template

Cars By Wai

HQ Itasha By Me
Available 2K And 4K Texture
Deisgn Inspired From This Web

Previews :

In Game ScreenShot

you know? this car is still wip
yep, because i don't have any time to finish it.
busy of school, and lesson, for fight with National Exam!
okay, just to the point
convert from forza (turn 10 studios)
and kits made from blender

i want to features for this car, but i'm so busy to do it :((
also not make Paint Job yet and also not ivf 


okay, thx, and bye
see you next time
Hai there :v 
today i would show you my murcielago liberty walk
and Murcielago is the part of my liberty walk collection 
just some screenshot then, finish :D 



Hello, I'm new admin here
My name is falah sutawindaya
i'll show you my WIP project
audi r8 abt, BMW M5 Hamann, and some rims

Model from Forza, I'll convert it into SA , soon.
Not Finished yet,
I've done the front bumper :)

just done the front bumper too,
BMW M5 Hamann

Some Rims scratch by me

Thx your visit :)
http://www.resepkuekeringku.com/2014/11/resep-donat-empuk-ala-dunkin-donut.html http://www.resepkuekeringku.com/2015/03/resep-kue-cubit-coklat-enak-dan-sederhana.html http://www.resepkuekeringku.com/2014/10/resep-donat-kentang-empuk-lembut-dan-enak.html http://www.resepkuekeringku.com/2014/07/resep-es-krim-goreng-coklat-kriuk-mudah-dan-sederhana-dengan-saus-strawberry.html http://www.resepkuekeringku.com/2014/06/resep-kue-es-krim-goreng-enak-dan-mudah.html http://www.resepkuekeringku.com/2014/09/resep-bolu-karamel-panggang-sarang-semut-lembut.html